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Hi! I'm Dan Glegg.

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I'm a web geek. I live in Brighton, UK with my wife and a small menagerie of pets. I'm interested in building tools and products that improve the web and delight human beings.

Most of the time you can find me working with Ruby, Scala and that wonderful bundle of tools and standards that we have come to know as HTML5.

I love the web. It's an eerie hash of our species - social, collaborative, abidingly silly and perhaps a little younger and more primitive than we like to remember. We'd be doing ourselves a disservice if we let it drown in a mush of short-lived proprietary systems.

I also enjoy a chronic addiction to video games, especially massively multiplayer titles which always seem to develop weird secret lives beyond the control of the developers.

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Professional profile

Skilled platform architect and polyglot programmer with 12 years experience creating and scaling software - and the teams who curate it.

Outspoken and personable, with strong requirements analysis skills, capable of properly prioritising feature development to match available and projected resources. Adept at scaling teams and smoothly transitioning to more abstract roles. Respectful awareness of scale as both a technical and cultural factor.

Obsessive where it counts and pragmatic everywhere else. Prefer development in Ruby, Scala, Javascript and other modern languages using modern techniques. Disciplined in automated testing, version control and team communication. Concerned with security and authentication issues. Strong adherent to the belief that programming is a non-specific discipline, which should not require individuals to classify themselves by the tools they use - good programmers quickly adapt to the tools required by the situation. Active participant in the open source community.


Application and platform design, requirements analysis and pragmatic software planning.

Ruby, Scala, Javascript (browser-side and server-side), Absurdly anal-retentive HTML and tasteful CSS. Video on the web. Python, PHP and other major scripting languages.

Epic bikeshedding through personally-motivated open source projects.