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Javascript doesn’t make dealing with structured data easy at all. Even when you’re working with data you control, you’re having to put filthy, nasty null checks and do-while descent loops everywhere. When the data is out of your control, such as data pulled from some external JSON(P) API, the problem can become more severe.

To scratch my own itch in this regard, I’ve created SpahQL, a query language and data manipulation library for dealing with Javascript objects.

To use it, all you need do is ask SpahQL to create a database wrapping your object:

var data = {"a": {"foo": "bar-a", "bar": "baz-a"}, "b": {"foo": "bar-b", "bar": "baz-b", "moo": "huzzah"}},
	db = SpahQL.db(data);

Now you have access to an xpath-like syntax for accessing data:

var foos = db.select("//foo");
return foos.values(); //-> ["bar-a", "bar-b"]

And also making assertions about data:

db.assert("/a/foo == /b/foo"); //-> true
db.assert("/a/foo == //moo"); //-> false

A jQuery-like syntax for modifying your data:

return data; //-> {"a": {"foo": "BEHOLD", "bar": "BEHOLD"}, "b": {"foo": "BEHOLD", "bar": "BEHOLD", "moo": "BEHOLD"}}

Below is a REPL which you can use to have a play. If you’d like to play more, go read the manual.